Sunday, December 25, 2005


In come Christmas and the head monkey's recovery from his panic attack.

I have some great ideas for our little short film. ^_^

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Filmmaking Hell

Filmmaking is hard. >_<

Truthfully, I panicked. Yes, the head monkey panicked. Locations in the green lighted scripts were becoming impossible to get, stuff are costing us big time and shots taken at availiable locations look subpar.

Some times, I start to think if all this time and money is worth it. But then again, our bunch of monkeys invested much bananas into this. Like they say in Sin City: "Its time to prove to your friends that you're worth a damn..."

Thank goodness I still have 6 months to pull this off.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Major Script Rewrite

Monkey #1: Alright, lets shoot scene A.

Monkey #2: That location has just become unavailable.

Monkey #1: No worries, I'll just write it out. Lets do scene B instead.

Monkey #2: That location has just become un-do-able.

Monkey #1: >_< Lets try scene C.

Monkey #2: That location require major changes.

Monkey #1: T_T Didn't we green light the script????????????????????

Oh boy. Time for some major script rewrite. Either indie filmmaking is supposed to be filled with exciting problematic scenarios or this project is NOT going the right way at all.

Watch out, hes got a gun!

The Panasonic NV-GS400.

Ain't she beautiful? ITS MINE! MINE!!!! ^_^

Thursday, December 15, 2005

All we need is a banana

Screenplay is 99% done. Everything that is impossible or costs a truckload of banana to do are simply removed. I assigned "improving the dialogue" to another monkey.

Now all we need is a banana.

I mean Camera.

Monday, December 12, 2005

One Monkey Army

Ended up writing/finishing the screenplay by myself. So much for teamwork. This 10-15 minutes short film took me 9 pages of screenplay to fully describe.

Sometimes, I feel like the only monkey in the pack. No other monkeys want to commit. No other monkeys want to contribute to the start up capital. They prefer to hoard their bananas and peanuts. Yet I am being asked to give them an even share of the potential prize banana.

Is it possible to do independent filmmaking alone? Seeing how this is progressing now, it might come to that one day...

Friday, December 09, 2005

More scripting writing fun

Wooo I haven't updated for 5 whole days. In other words I haven't talk to myself over the internet for 5 whole days. My doctor says its an excellent improvement. He will be sad to see this post.

Tomorrow is the day to confirm the script. It has been 1.5 months since my paws started scribbing plot on paper. Many brave plots were sacrificed and many trees destroyed. Its amazing how the plot can mutate. First there was a lame plot. Then it was scrapped for another lame plot. Then both plots get combined. Then the combine gets written into the monstrosity that exists today. do I envy American scriptwriters. Their country is stocked with abandoned buildings, open wilderness, bad neighbourhood and stick wielding monkeys. All rich with story telling potential.

Monkey hope the script won't get comprised further by constraints.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Shove & Tell

Monkey writing a script is swell and all but when it comes to telling the monkey next to you what you're writing, monkeys are equipped with a comprehensive vocab consisting of only the word "Ook". With 5 seconds of work in Paint I was able to come up with this template for a teaser poster. So there you have it. The first ever concept dgfjh* for "Frank".

(*calling it art would incurr the wrath of artist everywhere. so after much debate and sacrifice of many a monkey it was decided that replacing it with gibberish would be fine)

Monkeys writing scripts

Alright, it has been 1.5 months since I put those Monkeys to work on typewriters, lets see what they managed to churn out...

"dheyfirk" : Nah, thats just gibberish.
"tuytijf" : Nah, thats just gibberish.
"doeph" : Nah, thats just gibberish.
"Mediacorp Dramas" : Nah, thats just gibberish.
"iryhsdk" : Nah, thats just gibberish.
"Frank" : Woo, something coherent!

And thats the story of how a short film titled "Frank" is borned.

Scripting writing in Singapore is fun! As fun as tipping 12 tons of shit on your head. (Woohoo you wanna balloon?) We have no damn locations locally!! Every indie and their grandma's script had to take place in one of the two places: 1) A House. Which happens to be the script writer's house. 2) Forest. Ahhh convenient mother nature! Why, wouldn't every city deweller have to pass through an abandoned forest everyday FOR NO APPARANT REASON? NO??? YOU WANNA BALLOON??

And working with peanuts sux. Over 6 weeks "Frank" has undergo more plastic surgery than a plastic blown up doll. A typical conversations with the rest of the monkeys goes...

Monkey #1: ...and he walks into a hospital.
Monkey #2: We can't do that location.

Monkey #1: I mean he walks into a restaurant.
Monkey #2: We can't do that location.

Monkey #1: I mean the toilet.
Monkey #2: We can't do that location.

Monkey #1: I mean an abandoned forest for no reason whatsoever.
Monkey #2: Exccccellent.